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Downloading Juka

There are two ways to download Juka:

  • From the official website: You can download the latest version of Juka from the official website.
  • From GitHub: You can also download the latest binaries from the GitHub repository.

Which version should you download?

There are typically three versions of Juka available for each desktop operating system:

  • JukaApp: An app version of Juka with a graphical user interface (GUI). It provides the simplest way to run Juka.
  • Juka: This is the main console application. If you are a more experienced user, it is recommended that you download this version.
  • JukaAPI: A server to serve the Juka REST API. This is typically used for server-side development.

Are the files self-contained?

Yes, the files are self-contained. This means that you do not need to download any other files or install any other programs to run Juka.