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Juka can encrypt and decrypt files. It can also run encrypted Juka script files.

To encrypt a file "HelloWorld.juk", run the following in Console:

./juka --encrypt HelloWorld.juk

This will create two files:

  • HelloWorld.juk.encrypt
  • HelloWorld.juk.key

They HelloWorld.juk.encrypt contains the encrypted file. The HelloWorld.juk.key contains AES key for use to decrypt the file.

To decrypt the file back to "HelloWorld.juk" run the following command:

./juka --decrypt HelloWorld.juk

This will take "HelloWorld.juk.encrypt" and "HelloWorld.juk.key" and decrypt the file. NOTE: You can encrypt/decrypt any file (not just Juka scripts)

To run the encrypted files without having to decrypt, run the following:

./juka --encrypted HelloWorld.juk

This will use the following files:

  • HelloWorld.juk.encrypt
  • HelloWorld.juk.key

decrypt them in memory and execute them in Juka.