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Downloading Juka

Juka can be downloaded from https://jukalang.com/download

If you need to download other version of Juka, then you can download the latest binaries from https://github.com/jukaLang/juka/releases

Make sure to download an appropriate version to the device. There are typically 3 versions of Juka for each Desktop OS: JukaApp, Juka, and JukaAPI.

  • JukaApp - An app version of Juka with a GUI. It provides the simplest way to run Juka.
  • Juka - This is the main console application. If you are more experienced user, it is recommended that you download this version.
  • JukaAPI - server to serve JUKA REST API. This is typically used for server side building.

The files should be self-contained (you are not required to download any other files or install any other programs)