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There are three ways to define strings in Juka. You can use ', ", and `.

When to use ` ?

When you have raw string that contains ' and " and you do not wish to go through the whole text to escape it.

Concatenating Strings with other strings

Concatenating strings is very easy in Juka. There are two ways to concatenate string. You can do the traditional way:

print("Hello" + "World" + "How" + "is" + "it" + "going?");

There is another way to do this in Juka. Due to its prefix nature, You can do this:

print(+ "Hello" "World" "How" "is" "it" "going?");

This is a legitimate statement in Juka.

Concatenating Strings with a number

Whenever you concatenate string with a number, the end result will be string. The numbers are implicitly converted into strings. Then strings concatenate regularly as mentioned in previous section.