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Offline Documentation

There are two ways to access Juka documentation offline:

  • PDF: You can download the Juka documentation in PDF format by going to the Downloads page.

  • Cached Juka website (Juka PWA): You can also create a cached version of the Juka website that can be accessed offline. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. On a mobile device, click on the "add this to homepage" button. This will automatically create a PWA app that can be accessed even without the internet.
    2. On a desktop computer, find the browser URL field and look at the right section. Click on the "Install Juka Programming Language Website" button. This will install a browser app that can be ran offline (without internet).

Once you have created a cached version of the Juka website, you can access it offline by opening the PWA app or the browser app.