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JukaApp for Windows

The Juka Windows app is a powerful tool for learning and using the Juka programming language. With the Juka app, you can:

  • Write, compile, and run Juka code on your Windows device.
  • Learn Juka with interactive tutorials and exercises.
  • Get help with Juka syntax and semantics.
  • Share your Juka code with others.

The Juka Windows app is available for free on the Juka website. To download the app, simply visit the website and click the Download button.

More Information Coming Soon

We are currently working on adding new features to the Juka Windows app, such as:

  • Support for more Juka features, such as functions, classes, and objects.
  • The ability to debug Juka code.
  • The ability to run Juka code on a remote server.

We will be sharing more information about these features soon. In the meantime, you can learn more about the Juka Windows app on our discord channel.