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Folder Structure:


  • Provides you examples to get you started on using Juka


  • The core of the language. The code compiles into .NET .dll library that can be used in any C# projects including Xamarin/MAUI for building iOS/Android Apps, It is mainly used to build cross-platform apps for Mac/OS, Windows Apps, and Windows desktop applications.


  • Azure Function runtime code. Used to run Juka Azure function on Microsoft's Azure Cloud Server


  • Implemented as a blockchain network for storing and managing packages. Used as a decentralized package manager.


  • Unit tests to test JukaCompiler


  • Contains GUI (coming soon)

Visual Studio/Development Requirements

Make sure you have the latest Visual Studio installed

The following Visual Studio packages required to run and develop Juka:

  • Azure development
  • .NET desktop development

Juka uses the following scheme to run the code: