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Juka Programming Language

Code once, Run everywhere

func main() = {    // Print Hello World    var y = "Hello World";    printLine(y);}

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Ejecutar en cualquier dispositivo

At the current stage, Juka is interpreted. However, we are concurrently working on a Compiler (JIT). Juka's main goal is to be able to run on any platform including:
Windows, MacOS, Linux, MS Azure, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi, C# dll, Unity3D, Android, etc...
iOS/iPadOS, MacOS App, TempleOS.

Use for Any Project

Juka can be used for all types of projects including server side coding, client side coding, native coding, web development, API development, data science, network security, and quantum computing. Our goal is to create a programming language that can run on any platform and we mean any!

Amistoso con la nube

We created JukaAPI so that you can run it on any cloud server. This will allow one to use REST API to run code. Feel free to test it at

You can also run Juka on Microsoft's Azure Server by using Juka's Azure serverless function. Compile the code quickly, or let the others run the code. Download latest Azure Function from
NOTA: necesita una cuenta activa de Microsoft Azure para alojar.

Easy to Use Package Manager

All of the packages are hosted on GitHub. That's right! We made it simple to install and contribute to the package development. Our hope is that by hosting all packages on Github, security issues in the packages can be fixed quickly by the community. The packages contain a simple config file, making it simple for anyone to develop Juka packages.

Nuestra comunidad

Únete a nuestra creciente comunidad Juka (link). Utilizamos "Discord" para administrar la comunidad ya que proporciona una manera fácil de estar conectado. Para unirte a la comunidad, debes hacer clic en nuestro enlace de invitación y registrar una cuenta de Discord. Si ya tienes una cuenta, únete al grupo "JukaLang". ¡Es público y cualquiera puede unirse!

Contribuir a la fuente

Juka está compilado por la comunidad, para la comunidad. Por favor considere contribuir al repositorio de Juka GitHub en Cuando cree nuevas características o modifique las existentes, siga las directrices especificadas en la documentación del proyecto.

Redes Sociales

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