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Azure Function

Running Locally

Juka can run locally without Azure Web server if you prefer to test Juka before uploading to your server. In order to do this, perform the following steps:

  • Open up Juka.sln in Windows Visual Studio 2022
  • Click "Start AzureJukaFunction" button which will run an Azure emulator locally.
  • Use Postman to send functions to the Azure server in "body" as raw request in the following format:

Microsoft Azure Function

Upload the package to Azure Web Server Use web deploy to publish Juka (Azure Function) on the cloud

Calling Juka Azure Function

Juka can run the code on Juka Azure Function server by sending a raw request message in the following format:

"code": "func main() = { printLine(\"Hello World\"} }"

NOTE: you must escape quotations, otherwise, Juka will return an error.