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Q: Does Juka work on Linux?

A: Juka is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Juka can run on the cloud via Juka Azure function. We also plan to support mobile platforms such as Android and iOS/iPadOS.

Q: What is Juka used for?

A: Juka Programming Language's philosophy is code once, run everywhere. Its purpose is to run on any platform.

Q: Could this language help me in _?

A: It might. The language is still in early stages, but we are looking for active members.

Q: Is Juka Copyrighted?

A: Juka is provided under modified AGPL GNU license. See

Q: How do I start using Juka?

A: See the "Introduction" and "Writing your first application" section of the documentation

Q: Do you have an IDE or a text editor where I can write the code?

A: You can write the code using any text editor. We are currently working on an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Q: I want to host Juka compiler online... How can I do it?

A: See the Azure Function documentation.