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Contributing to Juka Project

Contributing to Juka

Have an idea or a big feature. Please make sure to post it in issues tab on For huge updates, make sure you talk to an administrator responsible for Juka repository before implementing it. The feature you might be working in already exists or is planned. For smaller updates, feel free to fork the repo, do the changes, and submit pull requests.

Found a bug?

Bug fixes are always welcomed and are encouraged. You can post them as issues tab on


Juka is built on top of .NET. Please follow the coding outlined at


Anybody is free to fix the documentation. The Documentation is one of the harder part of the project. It's hard to write it, and it's even harder to maintain. If you can help with that, it will be greatly appreciated.


Most of the testing will be automated. However, there is no substitute for a human being. The testing is probably harder than coding. Writing a test is always welcomed. Make sure to focus on edge cases when you write a test.

Submitting to Github

Keep the code clean by following K.I.S.S. principle. If you want to make a major change, just fork the project, update it, and once you've fully implemented the fix, submit a pull request to the main project.

Thank You

Thank you for contributing. Your contribution is very important!